Here are a few good things that our customers have to say about the Advanced Chute System. We would love to hear what you have to say. To submit a testimonial to this page, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


What Satisified Advanced Chute System Customers Say...


"I’m amazed at how much I use my ACS. It's been really terrific at keeping grass out of flower and tree beds in tight areas where I’m forced to mow between them and my pool. It really knocks my cleanup time down."

- Roger Williams



"I had mine installed right when I bought my ZT mower and it has really extended the use of my mower into the fall season by letting me mulch leaves to a pulp."

- Mark McNabb



"What a 'gee-whiz, why didn't I think of that' product! Does so many things, and it does them all well. I'll always make sure any mower I have has an Advanced Chute."

- Dave Anderson



"I have to say that this thing is time saver for sure! I have already shaved off 3 hours this week using it. I love it. I only wish I would have found it earlier. Thanks for making such a great product!"

- Craig Thompson, Owner of C.T. Lawn and Landscape



"Just wanted to weigh in on the ACS. Got mine on Friday, late, and had it installed in about an hour. There's nothing to the installation (although I did watch the video, twice, just to make sure). The hardest part was drilling through the deck steel, but even that only takes a little bit of patience. (Thanks to Ryland for answering that question about the cam.)

The unit looks like OEM equipment, is extremely high-quality and the mechanism works perfectly. Honestly, I can't imagine a better system. I used it on two yards this weekend and the difference it made in my cut time was substantial. I hate I waited so long to get it. Worth every penny!"

- Bill Greene